Viv Fraser Mysteries

Scottish Crime by V.Clifford

If you ever thought the life of a hairdresser was tranquil, then think again. This is no ordinary hairdresser. Viv Fraser Ph.D and stylist to the Edinburgh establishment, has a double life as an investigative journalist and finds herself involved in some hair-raising, not to mention explosive scenes, as she trawls the seamier side of her city.

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Book 4 is on the way!


In this fast-paced mystery Viv investigates the case of a missing teenage boy, but her efforts are hampered by people trying to save their own skin. Always top of his class, Andrew’s school blazer turns up on a river path without him. As she picks at the veneer of the Capital’s gay scene Viv discovers an unsavoury mix of lies, jealousy and sexual deceit. Determined to find Andrew, she ignores threats on her life and continues to dig in places that even Detective Marconi has yet to explore.


In this, the second of the Viv Fraser Mysteries, catch up with fast-moving hair-cutting sleuth Viv Fraser as she wrestles with the deceits of people she thought she knew. She goes in search of a missing girl, while tackling the consequences of a case of missing jewellery. An old friend finds himself professionally compromised and seeks Viv's help. And how is she getting on with Sal, and Mac? Or is there somebody else on the scene?


In Digging Up The Dead hairdresser, super-sleuth and resident of Scotland’s capital city Viv Fraser retreats to a cottage in the country for some well earned R&R. However, she soon discovers that walking the dog and staring out at so much green is bad for her health. When DI Marcus Marconi (Mac) arrives to tempt her with a case of unexpected bones on an archaeological site, she’s delighted to be given an excuse to use her intelligence and wit. 
Whilst on the case strange incidents occur; a stone tumbles from the chancel of Inchmaholm priory, their hotel room window is smashed, tyres are slashed and Viv is attacked. Were all of these events linked? And who was the intended victim? One case leads to another and Viv discovers that an unlikely link to her past has reared its head. 
Back home Viv has become an Auntie. Her glamorous sister Amanda’s life has flipped upside down, and she turns to Viv for help.